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FAQs addressing concerns related to confidentiality and retrieval of data

We would like to address these concerns that have come to our attention so faculty feel assured their response is confidential.

1. Question:
Why do we need to use our NetID logon?
Answer: One reason that we do this is to make sure that the faculty member is presented with only the administrators whom s/he is able to evaluate. If the faculty did not logon, then faculty members would be presented with a long full page of administrators and would need to correctly select only those who they were qualified to evaluate. Instead of having a large number of irrelevant administrators' names listed, having a NetID logon takes faculty directly to their specific administrators, and ONLY their specific administrators, for evaluation. Another reason that we do this is to be able to offer assurance that each faculty member can evaluate each administrator only once. In an anonymous setting it could be that either extremely positive or extremely negative evaluations are entered repeatedly by a given faculty member. Having a unique login ensures that each faculty can evaluate each person only once.

2. Question:
Would you address the sunshine law?
Answer: Once the evaluation process has been completed, we will give the individuals who have been evaluated and their supervisors a brief window of time to access the anonymous evaluation summaries and then actually delete the completed evaluations. There is no need to preserve the individual evaluations - therefore after a short, set period, the evaluations will be deleted. There will not be an avenue to "backtrack" any evaluations.

3. Question:
Do administrators have access to CoursEval information?
Answer: The Upward Evaluation system is placed on a different server than the one used for CoursEval. The only administrators with access to the Upward Evaluation system/server are Dr. Vuthipadadon (Ying) and one of the IT administrators who manages the server. The IT administrator does not have the training or skill set to retrieve information from CoursEval, so he will not be able to access or reveal any faculty member's evaluation. As the CoursEval front-end administrator, Ying is the staff member who, at the time the system was programmed, was the Associate Director of Institutional Research. As such, she has had ongoing access to a large amount of data in a variety of databases (i.e., student, faculty, administrator, institution). She is keenly aware of the need for confidentiality and does not share any report information other than reporting final number of responses to Faculty Senate (no specific faculty information is shared with administration). Ying continues her role in the Upward Evaluation process, but is now officially employed in the Office of Research - and her supervisors are not being evaluated.

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